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When you decide to get your paper published in a journal, the first question striking you is about the right journal to which you should submit your hard work. Many types of publications are there to give space to your research study. However, you need to find a journal that suits your creation well. If you are confused about finding an appropriate journal for your purposes, then we can help you sort out this problem.

Selecting the right journal

As journal search is the first crucial aspect of getting your study published, we consider a variety of factors before finding the most appropriate choices for you. We act as a link between you and journal publishers so we can fulfill your wish to see your work being acknowledge by the right publication that could attract the intended readers to your study. Our consultants work according to your specific research and find such high impact factor journals that could accommodate your study within their scope.

Our journal search service is launched to look out for journals in different academic fields that are suitable for a variety of publishing needs of our varied clientele. We consider every client’s personalized requirements and suggest the right fit accordingly. An insight into our systematic journal search service is as follows:

  • Receiving your manuscript
  • Initial search of journals according to your subject area
  • Studying the scope of relevant journals
  • Comparing your findings with the scope of target journals
  • Shortlisting the most suitable journals for paper submission

Our research professionals consider each individual study and assess its scope. Our team also evaluates the reputation and popularity of different journals in your academic area. Additionally, we check the journal’s availability or indexing, as well as its frequency of publication. This assesses the scope of a journal.

We also look at the journal’s modes of publication, whether these are print, online, or both. This gives an idea of the readership base of journals. We usually find such journals that also offer open access to online readers. Such journals reach a large number of readers. Within the same context, we check the article access, which may be full-text or subscription-based access.

We judge each journal by its impact factor and target readers. Accordingly, we suggest high-ranked journals for you. While searching the right fit for you, we also consider your time and budget. We try to find such reputed journals in which your study could be timely and easily published. After a thorough analysis and assessment of varied journals, our experts offer a few of the best options so you may make the final choice of a journal out of these. You may rely on our journal selection services if publication search seems to be a complex task. Simply contact us at For further support on paper publication, please go through our website to check for our additional available services.