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APA 6ed Formatting by APA Editors

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Many colleges and universities in the U.S. recommend their research students to follow the latest editions of specific professional language style guides. These latest style guides are used to write and edit research documents in suggested linguistic styles and while following specified formatting standards. One of these commonly used style guides in several academic fields is the American Psychological Association (APA) style manual.

While AccuEdit helps all Masters-level and doctoral research scholars in meeting the formatting style rules of APA, it can be problematic if some students have complied with an older version of APA. This formatting style is commonly used in the fields of humanities, social sciences, education, etc. Thus, a large number of scholars may need to follow the latest version of this manual. Else, their dissertations and other research documents may face plagiarism and may also face rejection by the review committee for non-compliance issues.

What is new in the latest edition?

The latest sixth edition of APA style manual has many fresh changes over its last edition. A few such changes in the new edition are:

  • Changes in the levels of heading
  • Changes in the structuring of content
  • Broadened focus to include behavioral and social sciences
  • Altered rules for citing references

How we help in complying with APA 6ed style

Your academic institution may also ask you to follow the APA 6ed formatting styles in your dissertation. If you are not aware of these styles, then it is not a cause of worry. Our APA editors have an in-depth knowledge of APA 6ed linguistic styles, and they can help you comply with its formatting standards. We can also help students who know about APA in general, but are not aware of the recent changes done to the fresh sixth version of the manual. In fact, our interactive services help students understand the changes we make to their documents and the way we format their citations and references as per APA 6ed.

We not only format your dissertation text according to APA 6ed formatting rules, but also format your tables and graphics, margins, spacing, alignment, headings, fonts, margins, etc. Our aim is to format your content in accordance with this most commonly accepted style across the world and make it more streamlined and uniform. This can help you present plagiarism-free content that can be easier on the eyes and minds of your readers who are used to go through documents formatted in the APA style.

How we help when you have followed a previous APA version

If you have already got your paper reviewed according to the previous editions of APA style guide, then it is not the time to panic. You can always come to us for getting another formatting review done according to APA 6ed styles. We will make the required changes in your dissertation’s formatting and citations according to the changes that have been done in the latest APA style guide over its previous versions.

Our team is always eager to help you with our apa6ed formatting service for dissertation. Just let us know about your specific requirements at We ensure to make your content and graphics format consistent throughout your document.