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Substantive Editing Service for ESL Candidates

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If you are a non-native research student doing his/her study in an American college or university, then we can understand how tough it would be to develop a comprehensive and logical paper for your postgraduate or PhD research. We know it can be worse if you are unaware of the native linguistic style rules and standards of academic writing. If this has been happening to you too, then we can help you overcome this language trouble through our substantive editing service.

Our substantive editing solutions are designed especially for students who do not have the required command on English language or who have English as their second language (ESL students). If you feel you cannot reach the writing and documentation level that native students can attain, let us tell you that it will never be a weakness for you to be an ESL student till we are here to support you. We address your custom issues with language and correct your research documents in an accurate and flawless manner.

How substantive editing solutions improves your dissertation

Under our substantive editing service for ESL candidates, our professional team of editors focuses on developing your dissertation and making it comprehensive for your target readers. It is a sort of 360-degree editing of your documents to make them meaningful. Our editors have a keen eye for details, and thus, spot every mistake of language and format that your proposal, dissertation, or research paper may have. They check your document word by word so even the grave factual errors can be corrected.

Substantive editing connects your thoughts and ideas well in your document. This type of editing also addresses the need for structural changes and plagiarism removal. In addition, it focuses on all the basic errors of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice. Following aspects are also checked while editing your dissertation substantially:

  • Language presentation in an error-free and consistent way
  • The correction of sentence structures and selection of right words
  • Confining the focus of your study to key areas
  • The revision of chapters while clarifying your research objective
  • Making enhancements to content organization and logic
  • Making the transition from one sentence to another and from one paragraph to another smoother in order to make the document well readable
  • Presenting language in the native style and making it compliant with all institutionally recommended guidelines for style and format (Style compliance is also applicable to your citations and references.)
  • Revising or rewriting big chunks of content, if required, and conveying the desired meaning in a correct way

Our aim is to make your dissertation content clear for target readers and present the facts smoothly. We rearrange the information found to be repetitive or redundant and make your content more comprehensive and neat. However, your opinion counts at every stage of editing. Our editors ensure to provide you feedback on your edited document. If you have any recommended changes or doubts, then we always clarify these with you. Thus, our interactive way of offering services can also make you learn about your errors and help you correct them in future.

To know more about our substantive editing service for ESL candidates, simply email us at We will get back to you immediately after receiving your enquiry so we may deliver intensive and timely assistance to help you overcome all language barriers on your way to success in research. With us, you do not need to think about the complexities that your dissertation may bring to you.